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Weihai Demaco Trading Co., Ltd.
Trading & Consulting Company

Our Purpose:

Demaco Trading Corp. is a company dedicated to international trading and consulting services. We are a main player on the international trade of goods and services. Our mission is to provide and supply a broad range goods and services to clients interest in selling and purchasing goods in international markets. Demaco Trading supplies commercial goods and services such as marine rubber fenders, bathroom and kitchens, doors and industrial protective uniforms. Demaco Trading is expanding its scope of business according to the needs of its clients. Demaco's clients benefit from our services, by giving them better purchasing options. Please contact us for any questions, or to make any orders with us.

Demaco Trading Corp. has offices in China, Italy, and Puerto Rico. We can also assist our clients in sales that have already taken place in China. We assist our clients through our networks to find anything that is made in China. Demaco Trading services include but not limited to:

  • Searching for competent suppliers that manufacture products with their specific requirements and technology;
  • Quality control assessments;
  • Verify all certifications;
  • Reputation and expertise background check of manufactures;
  • Supervise shipping procedures;
  • Provide assistance with Customs and other agencies upon arrival of goods;
  • Organize business trips to China;
  • Provide translation and interpretation services.
For all these reasons, there is no comparison! Feel free to contact us today!